Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is it just me?

I was going through iphoto to look for a profile picture for the blog and realised that, even though there are hundreds of photos of my children, my husband, our camp sites, our cars, our boat, our extended families and random animals, there are hardly any photos of me.  And, the few that exist normally consist of me pulling all kinds of ridiculous faces.  

I got to wondering (out of idle curiosity only) what photos would be put up of me at a funeral...

Would it be this one - taken about 8 years ago?

Or maybe this one - taken four or five years ago when I was trying to cheer up a far-away friend?

Or this recent delight?  They just get better with age...

My eldest young man, who has some photographic talent, was supposed to take some nice family photos on our last Christmas away, but after a huge tantrum quit the family holiday in a Hilton-esque style huff.  Consequently I took some great photos of my husband, and our two other young men, recumbent on rocks by the sea, all windswept hair and trendy clothes.  In black and white, or colour, they look amazing, if I do say so myself.  

Afterwards the three of them scampered off to beer and pool respectively without thinking to take one photograph of me.  The result?  An impressive self-portrait of unfairness and self-pity, entitled "Of misery, pink swollen eyes, dripping nose (complete with nasal hair), worried frown, double chin and other assorted wrinkles."