Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fail so far!

A whirlwind of interviews has taken over my life here in Washington at the moment, so I have yet to begin my challenge to blog about 100 people.

Someone asked my why I am doing a PhD the other day, because he knew from experience that it is personally challenging and emotionally ridiculous, and my only answer was "because it is difficult". This is precisely the reason why I chose to study Mandarin over Italian or some other language more accessible to English speakers. It's most likely the reason why I decided studying space was a great idea in the first place. So it was no surprise when I mentioned the idea of the challenge to my ever-sensible husband, he quietly asked "Don't you have enough hard-stuff to do?"

Turns out that at the moment I do. I have met lots of wonderful and fascinating people that have great stories but, that's just it, I've met them so it feels like I would be cheating and subverting the challenge. Besides I've heard stories of famous authors who lose friends and families in tell-all books. This theory may seem ridiculous given that I have only had 16 views of my blog thus far (15 of them being me before I worked out how to block my own ISP), but you never know, some day either a: I might get the courage to tell my family and friends about this blog, or b: the random 1 person that has visited it might come back with some friends and I will become viral on Youtube - famous for my singing. So there are, after all that, more reasons to not take up the challenge than there are to do it.

The final decision after all that is I will give myself a break and not beat myself up about something for once. I am going to feel good about making progress on the PhD and less bad about making no progress on other challenges I have set myself for little other reason other than they are difficult. Life is about trade-offs after all.

Having said that I think it is a wonderful idea and one day...

Cheers big ears.

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